Two weeks until Pirate King sets sail!  And to help you get ready for the singalong that starts all the events, (The Major-Criminal’s Song, which is on the Laurie ARrrgh! King page, here)  I’m posting an assortment of Variations on a Theme of the Major-General’s Song.

The first is Major General Grievous, the very model of the modern droid commander:


  1. Kate Mortimer says:

    VERY clever! I have to say I have NEVER thought of droids singing this song!

  2. Linda Quest says:

    When will the audio book of “Pirate King” be available? 🙂

    Warm blessings, Linda Quest

  3. Splendid Laurie.

    I look forward to other clips … now you have to find the excuse of using the Ruler of the Queen’s Na-vee!

    Have you checked-out Hinge & Bracket yet?


  4. Arrrgh, Me Hearties……Love the video clips 🙂

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