Contest: Mary Russell Word Ladder

One of the things I’ve discovered, as I’ve become more involved in the web, is that the community of people devoted to my books is a richly varied and wildly talented one. By way of example, “Laidee Marjorie,” a regular on the Virtual Book Club, loves to create puzzles.

So the contest for this week’s Fifteen Weeks of Bees giveaway is a word ladder Marjorie made for us, taking all you busy bees from HIVES to HONEY, one word-rung at a time. Work it here and email us your solution to Bees AT laurierking DOT com. (Please replace the words AT and DOT with their respective symbols. This is to avoid spambots picking up the email address.) We’ll make a drawing from the correct submissions, and you could win a signed set of the first four Russell and Holmes novels from Picador.

(The complete list of contests and prizes is here.)

AND: Did you see Mary Russell’s blog today? The third chapter of her account of how she came to send her memoirs to yours truly will also appear here on Mutterings tomorrow. I hope you’re enjoying it.


  1. Hi:

    The email address for the HIVES to HONEY Word Ladder submission as cited does not work for me. “Bees AT laurierking DOT com” = mailto:bees[AT]laurierking[DOT]com.

    The email address that I finally came up with and used is… [omitted for spam purposes.]

    Could someone look into this?

    Fun puzzle/word ladder, Marjorie.


  2. I stand corrected. Please ignore my previous (posted in ignorance) comment re: the HIVES to HONEY Word Ladder submission email address. I would delete that piece of (mis)information if I could. But I can’t. Hopefully the Powers-That-Be will catch it and delete my previous post for me.

    Meanwhile … never mind ….


  3. Irene Adler says:

    What is the correct email address? Is it the one posted by Roxanne? As the other does not work.

  4. You’re one up on me Roxanne, I haven’t solved the puzzle…yet!

  5. Wanda:

    Well, I hope I have, in fact, solved it. I submitted something, anyway.

    Good luck on solving Marjorie’s puzzle!


  6. Okay. I think I have this gravatar thing sorted out now. Let’s see . . .


  7. Oh. The Gravatar People say, “Please allow 5 to 10 minutes for avatar changes to take effect.” Okay.

    Let’s see now . . .


  8. Laurie King says:

    Sorry for any confusion on the email address. It is bees[AT]laurierking[DOT]dom, but you replace the words AT and DOT with their respective symbols. This is to avoid spambots picking up the email address. Hope that makes sense!

  9. strawberry curls says:

    Beware of the spambots…sorry it just struck me as odd. Must be seeing these giant rabbits on a link someone sent me, I mean these were behemoths of rabbits. Sort of gave me the creeps. –Alice

  10. Irene:

    I’m glad that I am not the only one who did not get the whole email address thing.

    One learns something new everyday. Alhamdulillah!


  11. @Roxanne, I see that you gravatar is showing… It must be nice lol I’m still waiting after 2 days. I must be doing something wrong.

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