Our winner for the ARC of Jane Steele is…Alison Skier! Alison, I’m sending an email to let you know.

Thanks everyone for showing interest, Lyndsay is happy to hear that people are eager! The book is out in April, which will just give you time to finish The Murder of Mary Russell first…

Jane Steele: Reader, I murdered him.

We loves us some Lyndsay Faye here on Mutterings. Her Timothy Wilde trilogy has been one of my favorite worlds to explore in recent years, while the author herself has become one of my favorite people.

Lyndsay now has a new world, publishing next April: a deliciously wicked tale that starts as a riff on Jane Eyre and ends up redefining Victorian England as a whole. And since Lyndsay knows how much I love her books, she sent me two copies of the book, so I could share one.  Lyndsay describes Jane Steele as Jane Eyre meets Darkly Dreaming Dexter. 

photo 2

Jane Steele: “Reader, I murdered him.”

Would you like a copy? Post a comment here before Monday midnight, and I’ll draw a winner.

Ten winners!

Congratulations, winners!

We drew ten names last week for the new paperback of Dreaming Spies–Dreaming Spies low Res JPEG

and they’re headed for the post office today! Congratulations to:

Russa, Jane, Norma, Marilyn, Nancy, Laurie, Libby, Seth, Verity, and Diane!

And if your name isn’t here, but you’d like a signed or inscribed copy of the paperback anyway, I’ll be heading down to Bookshop Santa Cruz this week to sign some, they’d be happy to add your order to the pile.

It’s Library Week!

Happy National Library Week!

Here at LRK Central, every year we celebrate Library Week, often asking you, gentle Reader, to write something about your relationship with libraries: “A Love Letter to My Library” was in 2009, then “My Fantasy Library”, followed by a dose of Piratical Booty. 2012 was “Thrills in the Stacks”, after which Twenty Years of LRK posed the question: “If a Martian asked you what a ‘library’ was, what would you tell him?” Last year came, “How the Beekeeper’s Apprentice Changed my Life.”

Or, as it says in The Moor:

To the librarians everywhere, who spend their lives in battle against the forces of darkness.

The Santa Cruz Carnegie library, with thanks to Wikipedia.

The Santa Cruz Carnegie library, with thanks to Wikipedia.

For 2015, we’re doing things a little differently—because the hard work is already done.

It started last fall when an 8th grade teacher from Tennessee asked if I would mind (mind?!) if he and a partner built a Common Core program around The Beekeeper’s Apprentice. Now, I’d always thought that Beekeeper could be a useful introduction to the Twentieth Century: World War One, the women’s movement, roots of conflict in Europe and the Middle East, the huge social and technological changes—all that plus Sherlock Holmes & villains & hansom cabs &—220px-HansomCab

well, let’s just say this is a book that I would have loved to study in school.

Now, thanks to Mr. Wilson and Ms. Russell (yes!), a generation of young Laurie R. Kings can study it—and, their teachers won’t have to reinvent this particular wheel, because these two fabulous individuals have built a unit with guided comprehension & discussion questions, vocabulary lists & worksheets, supplemental research materials, even chapter quizzes & tests, all in a ready-to-print format. (Yes, with a separate teachers’ answer packet, as well!)


What’s more, they’ve generously donated their hard labor to the world, lodging this superb study unit on my web site (where it joins the Beekeeper book discussion guide and my suggested background reading.)

I just can’t tell you how grateful and excited this makes me. Not only will it bring a lot of vulnerable young minds into contact with the Russell & Holmes gateway drug—er, book (to be fair, Beekeeper is both an ALA Notable Young Adult Book and an ALA Outstanding Book for the College Bound), it also creates another community around Mary Russell and her world: teachers eager for an excuse to teach a rousing good tale in the classroom.

So this year, to celebrate Library Week and the launch of our Common Core Beekeeper unit, we’ll focus on middle schools. I invite you and your friends to nominate any US middle school library to win a carton (28) of The Beekeeper’s Apprentice. Beginning Tuesday, I’ll draw the names of four of these libraries. The winners are free to hand the books out to their students, put them on the shelves, or turn them over to their teachers to accompany the Common Core guide. They can even sell them on eBay, if they’d rather have the cash.

I am truly thrilled about this whole Common Core project, and I hope you will be too, especially if you have anything to do with middle schools. Go to my web site before Friday to nominate your favorite library, and while you’re there, take a look at the Common Core unit. And as I said, please tell all your friends, especially those with middle school kids.

The nomination form is here.

The Common Core unit is here.


We Love Libraries!

The BUZZZZZ about Library Week!


Next week is National Library Week here in the USofA—with a theme of, “Unlimited possibilities @ your library®”—and this year, wishing to explore those possibilities, we’re doing something a little different. Yes, there will be giveaways, but—we’ll focus on middle schools.

Do you have a middle school student in your family? Do you teach middle school? Know a middle school library, teacher, student…? Nominate your favorite middle school here.

This is in preparation for:

A Very Exciting Project!

…that we’ll introduce next week.

In the meantime, go nominate your favorite (US) library, one that’s either located in a middle school, or that provides a lot of middle school programs, here.  And please please let everyone know about this.  They might win a carton of Beekeepers!

MWA cooks

So, this crime writer walks into a kitchen…

Or maybe a bar—it depends on what story you’re after, and what you’re hungry (or thirsty) for.

Whether it’s drinks to curl your hair or a soup to warm your heart, Kinsey Millhone’s peanut butter & pickle sandwich or Valentine Wilde’s chicken fricassee, or maybe a cup of Jack Reacher’s coffee with one of Mrs Hudson’s coffee-sheet cookies, there’s enough here to keep you fed and watered for weeks to come.


Besides that, the book is really gorgeous–


with pictures of scampi & bullets, spaghetti & pistols, and food porn that makes you want to ring up Nero Wolfe and invite him over for a plate of Alafair Burke’s run-soaked Nutella French toast. Check it out, here.

Pardon me, I’m feeling a bit peckish.  Maybe it’s time for me to slip out to the grocery store…91WTIdS-VbL

The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook is available today, from your local Indie bookseller, from Barnes & Noble, from Amazon—or until April 3 you can enter to win a copy at Goodreads.

The Mystery Writers Cookbook, by a hundred or more of us murderous sorts: recipes to kill for.mwa_cb_final_300dpi

Excerpts, contests, giveaways–and takeoffs

I’m off to New York today, so I, a Central Coast native and weather wimp, would appreciate any warm thoughts you can send that city’s way. And if you’re within striking distance of Manhattan, come out and see me on Saturday when I’ll be signing copies of In the Company of Sherlock Holmes, in, well, the company of some of the others: Les Klinger, Michael Dirda, Nancy Holder, and possibly Gahan Wilson. Details here.

* *

And in case you missed the newsletter that I sent out yesterday (Sherlock Holmes’ birthday, many happy returns of the day) you can still see it here, but the key points are:

Excerpts, lots of them, all from Dreaming Spies, pages and pages of words that will just keep growing over the next ten days, here.

And contests, two of them plus a giveaway: A Russellscape for the visual artists among us, a Haiku contest for the wordsmiths, and for everyone (talented or not) my publisher is giving away a loaded iPad. All those details here.

*  *

And to celebrate the birthday of Mr Holmes, Random House have done a birthday card for the gent.  No violins, but a great deal of affection.January 5 ecard


A Random House giveaway!

Happy holiday season everyone!

MysteryThriller Facebook_Laurie King

Random House are hosting a Mystery & Thriller Holiday Giveaway where you can enter for a chance to win a prize pack of books by Carla BuckleyLee ChildJanet EvanovichAlan FurstTess GerritsenAndrew GrantJonathan KellermanDean KoontzLaura McHughKathy ReichsKarin SlaugtherAmanda Kyle Williams–and me! (You will also be entered to win a Grand Prize, which includes a Random House tote bag and some signed copies). 

Enter by clicking here

Good luck!

(Added note: my publisher says, regarding the entry process, “If you click on the link to an author’s Facebook page on the entry form, return to the form itself, and click I VISITED, you will then be entered. You can enter 1 time for each author, for a total of 13 possible entries.”

(This promotion is for US residents, and is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. We hereby release Facebook of any liability.

Newsletter giveaway

Next week we’ll be giving away two copies of the Dreaming Spies ARC–

Dreaming Spies High Res JPEG–drawn from the Newsletter signup list.  So if you’re not signed up for the Newsletter, doing so now would increase your chances by, well, a fair amount.  The signup is here.


Good reads, indeed!

Want a copy of Dreaming Spies before the rest of the world can even get a peek? Dreaming Spies High Res JPEGBantam are doing a giveaway this month, here on: Goodreads.