BoucherCon meetup?

I thought it might be nice to meet up with any Friends of King who are attending the Madison BoucherCon, just to say hi. If people are free for lunch Thursday, say 1:00, we could kick things off before my own 3:00 panel. If anyone who would like to join would post a comment here, I could have an idea if we will be a band of three or thirty, which will make for different venues.

And if there are enough people who are both interested and free at that time (big if) I’ll post the location here on the blog on Wednesday the 27th.


  1. Hi to Laurie and to all. There have been some emails flying about possible lunch, possible dinner, depending on Laurie’s wish. I know at least 2 folks (I’m one) are interested in either. Some of the emails are being channeled through the Russ-L list and its valiant ListMom. Others interested? –Meredith T.

  2. I would be interested in dinner that day, if it works out to be a dinner thing. I feel kind of shy about it, but would love to join Laurie and meet other fans.

  3. I unfortunately can’t be in Madison, but I wanted to let you know how nice I think it is of you to want to meet up with your fans, in such a casual way. Most would not go through the trouble, it speaks volumes about you, if you excuse the bad book pun.

  4. Kristin Roling says:

    Hi there Laurie- I’m one of the others that Meredith spoke about. I would love to meet for lunch as long as I am welcome= I say that because I am not actually attending BoucherCon, but I do live in the area, and am very fond of your books- just a chance to shake your hand would be grand! So, if the lunch is outside of the convention, please count me in! Kristin

  5. My husband and I would love to meet Laurie and her fans for lunch on Thursday. Neither of us are attending the conference, unfortunately. If lunch doesn’t work out we are also open for dinner. So count two of us in for either meal.
    Mary and Ralph Z

  6. I am only an occasional visitor to Laurie’s blog, but an enthusiastic fan of her books, especially the Mary Russell series.I’m not free for dinner Thursday, but would be interested in meeting for lunch that day.I’ll check back to see how plans develop.
    A R Pickett

  7. Wow, now I’m jealous… 😉 Would’ve taken a day off if I lived in the neighbourhood. Unfortunately you can’t call the Netherlands the neighbourhood. However, I want to wish all of you a very nice time.

    Btw, excuse me for my bad English writing skills…

  8. Hope you all have a nice lunch/dinner! Sonja: I can’t see anything wrong with your English. Then again, I’m Norwegian:-)

  9. Haha, thanks anyway… 😉 It’s only in case I said (or will say) something stupid. Although I think nobody would really care unless I would be rude without noticing. And I’m not that bad, I think… However. I better shut up, before anyone thinks I’m being rude by disturbing Laurie’s blog with my nonsense. 😉

    Have a nice day everybody!

  10. I’m a local too and would love to come!

  11. I am like Kristin Rolling in that I’m not going to the convention, but I live in Madison, I’m a huge fan of the Mary Russell books and would love to go to either lunch or dinner!

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