Mary Russell Companion free images

Many of the pictures in the Mary Russell Companion were taken from publicly available sources.  These pictures, including our own modifications, are provided here free of charge.  Please use, modify, and enjoy them however you will, on the sole condition that they remain free for others to use, modify and enjoy.

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800px-Students_Oxford_University 2151 Sacramento #2 allenby_jerusalem Arthur_Conan_Doyle_by_EO_Hoppe,_1912 bartitsu bartitsu_Montage beehive_box_web beehives_UK Britain map car1_bullnose_Morris_Oxford_1913-1 car2 cliffs copper_beech Cottingley Fairies Dartmoor - Moreland Cross Dashiell Hammett Divinity_School,_from_Exeter_Gardens Doctor_Watson dr_watson EnglishLakes fold out map detail Fletcher_Robinson flint house For Interview IV (crop out gravestones) Garment of Shadows German_airship_bombing_Warsaw gertrude_bell gorse gorse_bush_closeup gorse_bush_web gorse3 gorse3_composite gospel_mary_magdalene grand_trunk_road greenman Holmes & basket chair holmes_basket_chair holmes_basket_chair_no_watson Holmes_by_Paget Holmes_Moriarty_Reichenbach_Falls Holmes_rose home_of_dalai_lama Honey_comb Honeybee-27527-1 India map 7 Interview IV_web Investigatio irene_adlers_marriage labor saving apparatus2 labor saving appliances Latone_Basin_Neptune_Versailles_France LMH_Quad Mahmoud and Ali Hazr Marie Stopes Mary_Kingsley02 may_morning_magdalene_tower mercator_east_cropped mercator_west_abridged mercurys_fountain modern_haymaking montgomerie montgomerie_singh Mycroft Nayin Singh No-man's-land-flanders-field observation_hive Oxford, St Hildas College - 1280pix Oxford_University_students_academic_dress Oxfordceremony pessoa proctors_bulldogs punting Queen_Bee Ruins_of_Tiferes Sabine Baring Gould's house (two photos to crop and join) Sabine Baring Gould's house (two photos to crop and join)2 Sabine Baring-Gould Scan 140460001 Scan 140460001-1 Scan 140460001-2 Scan 140460007 Scan 140460007-1 Scan 140460011 Sherlock_rose_Naval_Treaty somerville_hospital St_hildas_college_oxford stopes clinic Strand_holmes_cover_Sep_1917 Suffolk_horses_ploughing sussex_map_scan4 sussex_panorama2 The_Valley_of_Fear_cover_Stand_Magazine throwing_knives war_WWI Wilfred Owen wilfred_owen_craiglockhart William King with Dalai Lama zeppelin_army_recruiting_poster cliffs2 eyepatch hansom_cab holmes_headshot_from_Strand_enlarged India map 7 lady_margaret_hall_oxford Memoirs_of_Sherlock_Holmes_1894_Burt_-_Illustration_1 _67894527_0rbs0e2o _67894528_jqhcvhus