Illustrated Russell & Holmes

The Illustrated Russell & Holmes is now SOLD OUT! Thank you for your interest and please look for similar art collections in the future. 

The Illustrated Russell & Holmes: Ten beautifully illustrated works of art celebrating the world of Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes, collected together for the first time, each 8½ x 11”, suitable for framing.  The packet includes one-page fiction, maps, poems, and artwork, to celebrate the community that has sprung up around Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes.


A Venomous Death began when Mark Lavendier, bookseller and printmaker, asked for a brief tale to be woodcut-illustrated and letterpress-printed for a limited edition piece of storied art. My smaller version here is not his typesetting, but it does have Katie Wynne’s original woodcut.

Bees Under Glass: the cover of The Mary Russell Companion.

Beekeeper’s Apprentice: inaugural image in my web site’s Russellscape, an animated “myriorama” or endless landscape.

Birth of a Green Man explains the background of The God of the Hive’s Robert Goodman.

The Pirate King Movie Poster: based on a painting by Howard Pyle

The Major-Criminal’s Song: written as a singalong, for the Pirate King book tour. 

Parrot King: how one of Pirate King‘s supporting actors came to meet Russell & Holmes.

The Morocco Map from Garment of Shadows.

Map of Japan from Dreaming Spies.

Dreaming Haiku was written to celebrate both Dreaming Spies and independent booksellers.

Ten pieces of collaborative art: words by Laurie R. King, art by Jean Lukens and Katie Wynne, Japanese calligraphy by Evelyn Thompson, and the hard work of production by Robert Difley.  I hope you enjoy these works, as I have enjoyed the community of book lovers that inspired all ten pieces.

practicalFOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: The Illustrated Russell & Holmes will include the lovely Heifer International booklet of excerpts from The Practical Handbook of Bee Culture by Sherlock Holmes, and a copy of Miss Russell’s business card.



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