Book love

Oh, I love to get the first copy of my newest book.  Love it.  Twenty-two times now, and it never gets old.  I’m sitting with my newest on the desk beside me as I type, and it looks like this:

And you?  Will have to wait until September 4 for yours.


  1. You tease.

  2. Robbin Stull says:

    So happy for you! Thank you for sharing your exciting news.

  3. Looks fantastic, I want one! I am in Vancouver on 4th September and hope there is a bookshop with copies out FIRST THING… before I head into the wilderness…


  4. Congratulations! 22 books and you are still going strong. And many thanks for all the fun over the years.

  5. It is truly a beautiful cover. Captivating and intriguing. I love the silhouettes of Russell and Holmes. As much as I have loved all the covers of this series, this is my definite favorite. I’m pulled in before I read a single word.

  6. I will have to wait a bit longer as my pre-ordered copy will have to find its way to Brisbane, Australia. Can’t wait – it looks gorgeous.

  7. Kaye Crabill says:

    I thought I ordered 3 t-shirts – but maybe I didn’t…. How can I check?

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