And the winners are…

cover-touchstoneThe Mighty Random Number Generator (ten scraps of paper on the table in front of me) has come up with the four winners of the UK hardback for Touchstone. Congratulations to:
Linda Barnett
Barbara Markusik
If you four would like to send your mailing addresses to me at [email protected] I’ll get your signed books in the mail this week. Well, I won’t since I’m in England, but a Trusted Member of Team LRK will do the job.

Next Tuesday (pub date minus 5): a Touchstone Book-Club-in-a-Box for a beloved library, and the following week (4 weeks from pub date) The Bones of Paris Advanced Reader Editions!


  1. A bookclub in a box for a library?!! Hope I signed up for that ! If not, may ?

  2. Michele Olson says:

    Lucky ducks!

  3. Congratulations, winners!!

  4. Bill Sisson says:

    Personally, I think your American publisher did a much better job of dust jacket design than their confreres in England.

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