Against violence

I’m involved with a fundraiser and program to help stop violence against women.

First, there’s a Russell Basket.uguxltcadxbmpwejuzxe

This includes a signed hardback of The Murder of Mary Russell, a copy of Dreaming Spies, and one of the gorgeous big Dreaming Haiku posters, all in a handsome Random House book bag.  They’re requesting a $75 donation, and it’s not a raffle or drawing, it’s first come first gone, and there are only ten: for details, go here.

Second, I’ll be doing a Google Hangout on Sunday night.event_theme

That’s right, you can watch and chat while I visit you in the comfort of your own home (no, you don’t need to tidy up first, or even get out of your pyjamas.)  There’s various instructions, but if I can handle it, I’m sure you can.  That’s Sunday night, 8:30 Eastern Time, and we can all sit around with our Easter baskets and compare who got the best chocolate eggs.  For details, click here.


  1. Diane Hendricksen says:

    Good cause. I wasn’t fast enough to get your basket, so I did Kate Elliot’s drabble.

  2. Wanda milwee says:

    I can’t figure out how to submit my donation for your gift basket. I have only a kindle.

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