A very local economy

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One of the fascinating things about Fez is the way the crafts of everyday life are created where they are used: need a shirt, a chair, a bowl?  They’re still made down the street, or at most in the next neighborhood, as they were in cities before we started shipping goods from Korea or the Dominican Republic.

Everywhere you walk in Fez, the sounds of creation ring out: the rhythm of the loom, the whir of the lathe, the ceaseless tap and ring of hammer on brass.

Russell takes shelter in one such workshop:

A myriad of gleaming shapes shone back at me: stacks of brazen bowls, trays ranging from calling card–sized to sufficient for an entire roast sheep, bowls of similar variety, a dozen shapes and sizes of lamp.

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  1. Rachel Adrianna says:

    such intricate, beautiful work on the wooden piece!

  2. It’s great to see pictures of the city Russell is describing. Draws me even more into the story. Don’t think I’ve ever been this anxious for a book to come out!

  3. susan Steinhaus says:

    I have loved the photographs as I have no familiarity with the area. I eagerly read some reviews. I thought that meant I could order it already. Who is doing all of those reviews? I’m jealous. Meanwhile I downloaded the novella on my iPhone and had some great reading material for part of our trip.

  4. Katherine says:

    I’m going to have to look at all of these pictures again while I read it. Can’t wait!

  5. Katie O says:

    I love this daily look inside an upcoming russell. This was a great idea!

  6. Pick me, pick me!

  7. Donkeys are so cute and friendly 🙂 This provides awesome fodder for my imagination!

  8. Marianne Murphy says:

    Can’t wait for Garment of Shadows! Listening again to The Game…Mary is attempting to avoid Sunny’s mother, to no avail…

  9. ThemadLibrarian says:

    And yet this is all just preamble, although beautiful and evocative; there is more story to follow!

  10. Meredith Taylor says:

    Sidney Paget gave Holmes one of those tables in one of his illustrations. I have always coveted one but wasn’t quite sure where they were made. In company with a lot of other readers, now I pine to go to Fez!//Meredith

  11. I love how Russell always pays attention to her surroundings. Every book is like travelling abroad to secret nooks and crannies around the world.

  12. Robbin Stull says:

    I can almost hear the hammer tapping the metals…

  13. I can hardly wait for GARMENT OF SHADOWS — Russell’s perceptions are so acute!

  14. Roxanne says:

    What a lovely phrase. I would love to live in a community where such sounds accompanied daily life. As I grow older, I find I am leaning more and more toward those items that are made by hand rather than ‘plastic’ mass-produced items imported from Far Away (e.g., China and Taiwan).

  15. Roxanne says:

    The librarian in me had to look up the word “umma” mentioned in Jessica B.’s comment: Ummah (Arabic: أمة‎) is an Arabic word meaning “nation” or “community.” And “ummah wahida” (Arabic: أمة واحدة) means one nation.

    During the summer our town holds a farmer’s market. I really enjoy purchasing items made/grown/produced by local community members. It adds so much more meaning and depth to the product being used. Everytime I use my favorite handmade lavendar oatmeal soap, I think of the woman who made it.

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