A Twitterpated Twitterparty

I hope you’ll join us this coming Sunday for a Russell and Holmes (virtual) house party.

You—yes, you!—are invited by Miss Russell and her curmudgeonly husband to a party at their Sussex Downs cottage. If you are on Twitter, you can add your voice to the conversation and maybe be offered a glass of honey wine. And if you aren’t signed up for Twitter, you’re still welcome to drop by and linger in the corners listening to the others carry on. I shall be dropping in briefly from Lisbon, and I hope to see everyone there. I understand that some guests are even coming in costume, and will post photographs of themselves for us to admire.

The party is set up on Twitterfall.com/#hivegod (All Tweets should include the tag #hivegod)

Here’s your invitation—it’s open to all!


  1. Looking forward to it, and hope that we will encounter Holmes the suave bon vivant, and not the curmudgeonly fellow!

  2. Sounds marvelous, and just the tonic for a very long month indeed.

  3. I am familiarizing myself with Twitterfall as we speak! I’m very much looking forward to the party!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Oh dear…one more event to add to my social calendar! (Which is to say, it’s the only thing on my social calendar.) Many thanks for the invitation.

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