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Mystery Scene is a favorite of the crime community, edited by longtime friend Kate Stine.142cover465

They often run crossword puzzles, and this month’s, by Verna Suit, is “Sherlock Holmes: A Case of Identity” so I thought, hey, let’s see how many holes I have in my knowledge. Can you see which one I got wrong?


5 Down–”The Reigate __” by 49D [Arthur Conan Doyle]–has the same number of spaces as the other possible answer, “SQUIRE” but in fact it’s the story’s alternative title, “PUZZLE.” I had to look up “Alaska’s first governor” (10 Across) and guessed at another couple, and I admit that 32 Across baffled me until I thought about it long and hard. (“Prefer and differ endings” means…ENCES. Can one groan pun-like for crossword clues?)

But number 63 Across? That one I got right away.clues


  1. You know you’ve made the big time when your character appears in a crossword puzzle! Congratulations Laurie 😉

  2. Merrily Taylor says:

    I’m glad that the creator of the crossword puzzle had the good sense and judgment to recognize Russell’s important role in Holmes’ life!

  3. Diane Hendricksen says:

    Love crosswords with literary themes! This will be fun.

  4. Janis Kiehl Harrison says:

    OK, you’re hard on my budget, Ms King. I think I may have to subscribe…

  5. Meredith Taylor says:

    Time to get hands on that issue, for sure!

  6. Well done! Something you can tick off your writing career life list: Be a crossword puzzle clue.

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