A piece of granite

Countdown to Garment of Shadows: three days to go!  Til then I’ll be posting a daily image from the book, with snippets of prose from the book to go along.  You might even want to re-visit these posts after you’ve read the book.

“Mohammed Abd el-Krim was a piece of granite, his feet rooted in the mountainscape, his eyes the gaze of the Rif itself.”

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  1. richard andrews says:

    Does Garment mention General Franco? He was a highly respected Spanish Army commander in the Rif Wars of the early 1920s.

  2. Laurie King says:

    Only obliquely–with so many colorful characters to hand, it was hard leaving any out…

  3. Long time fan of Russell and Holmes but way behind in the stories. I’m uptodate now so no housework will be done for a while.

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