A Case in Correspondence: Week Six

What’s this I see? Mary Russell has a new post over on her MySpace page? Episodes of “A Case in Correspondence” will appear there Wednesdays throughout our Twenty Weeks of Buzz, and on Fridays you can find them here at Mutterings.

What on earth are the world’s greatest detective and her husband, Sherlock Holmes, up to now?


  1. Dr Watson-Scopes? A son of Dr Watson married a daughter of the “Scopes monkey trial” defendant?

  2. markmaster says:

    John and Mildred Scopes had children? I couldn’t locate any info on them. Then again, John’s father, Thomas was from England (and…his wife’s name was Mary), so perhaps the connection is through the Anglo relatives?

  3. Hey, May 6th 1992 was the day I was born. Sweet.

    Also, Watson-Scopes sounds like a bizarre sniper rifle accessories brand.

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