A Case in Correspondence: Week Seven

What’s this I see? Mary Russell has a new post over on her MySpace page? Episodes of “A Case in Correspondence” will appear there Wednesdays throughout our Twenty Weeks of Buzz, and on Fridays you can find them here at Mutterings.

What on earth are the world’s greatest detective and her husband, Sherlock Holmes, up to now?


  1. Watson, too, has offspring of whom we have only heard of recently? The extended family is becoming quite large!
    I have faith that all will be revealed in GOTH…

  2. Watson was married at least twice, I suppose. Or three times, depending on which Sherlockian scholar you consult. And then there’s all that experience with women ranging “over three separate continents” that he talks about . . . 😉

  3. Yes, Anna, but no children are ever mentioned in any of those marriages! Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything…LOL….

  4. strawberry curls says:

    Watson would never write about a child born on the wrong side of the blanket…nor would Doyle, for that matter. It does invites some speculation.


  5. RussellHolmes says:

    Yes it does Alice… hmmm

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