First Draft to Proof: The Language of Bees (3)

This is page three of the original first draft of The Language of Bees–the equivalent pages of the final draft will be posted tomorrow. (Click on each image to enlarge.)



  1. Okay, I can’t decide if this is torture or pleasure, but I’m having to wipe the drool off of my keyboard. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas!

  2. Completely fascinating.

  3. Emily Hornaday says:

    Laurie R. King continues to amaze! I have been an ardent fan since Mary Russell first burst onto the scene — could it really have been 15 years ago? This newest addition to this fabulous series looks even more captivating than the last. I love to see the proofs. As a writer, I feel as though I can learn so much to ‘see’ a brilliant author edit her work to improve each line. No wonder Russell seems so incredibly real, and Holmes has never been…well, more Holmes! Kudos to 15 weeks of Bees! Wonderful idea, and wonderful charity to support with selected purchases. If only there were more Russell adventures, as I will absolutely NEVER tire of this series. Congratulations!

  4. Me too. Reading Touchstone now…so good!

  5. Oh, so brilliant. Such an honor to watch this new novel take shape, and I’m humming in anticipation of reading the completed work!

  6. Bloody torture…but I suppose I’m a masochist and enjoying every bit of it. One more lashing please…

    I’ve enjoyed these and seeing how you work your magic. I do something similar, printing my final draft up, reading the hard copy, and making the changed in blue ink on that…seems more tangible to me. I can’t do the whole thing on the computer. I have to see a physical copy of it to do it properly. Does it work easier for you this way and allow the word and story juices to flow?

    Once again thanks so much for sharing these tempting insights. I shall be preordering this baby now…oh yeah. I love the fond look bit. Very interesting.

  7. Okay — the next time you post a page I’m not going to read it. Really. I’m going to spend the next 77 days thinking of other things. Really. (what time tomorrow are you likely to post the final draft of page two??)

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